5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen a More Social Space

5 Ways to make your kitchen a more social place

It wasn’t long ago that kitchens were slated for only cooking and eating.However, at Visionary Cabinetry and Design, our kitchen designers have noticed a trend of more relaxed spatial structures in our clients’ homes. Instead of devoting specific household activities for certain rooms, each room is becoming more multi-purposeful to fit a variety of needs.

For example, you have probably seen TVs in places other than the traditional living room. It’s not uncommon to see TVs in kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Likewise, social gatherings within the home have become more mobile as an adaptation to busy lifestyles.

People will naturally congregate to places within the home that are the most interesting. It has often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why shouldn’t your cooking space be as welcoming as possible? At Visionary Cabinetry and Design, our design consultants are able to transform your kitchen into a stylishextension of your home.

You can turn yourkitchen into a socializing area through any of the following features:

Family Command Center

Keep your family organized with a command centerlocated in your kitchen. The main features of a family command center may include a calendar, grocery list, filing system, children’s backpacks, desk or whatever you need to keep your household running smoothly. A family command center in the kitchen is a convenient gathering place for your family members to start their day right.

Breakfast Nook

Imitate the cozy seating arrangement of your favorite restaurant with a breakfast nook.Breakfast nooks are usually placed by the window so that you can enjoy nature with the company of others. Breakfast nooks create fun memories of family meals.  Everyone can feel included in the conversation when sitting in a breakfast nook.


Having a kitchen island will maximize your counter space, giving you and your guests more room to set down a drink or plate. Align a row of classy barstools along your island to create a convenient eating area-perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family. Kitchen Islands are also convenient for fixing your children impromptu snacks after school. With your kids gathered in one place you can them questions about their day and have a place to work on crafts or start homework.


Having a table in the kitchen adds more usable space for informal meals and conversation. Even a small kitchen table can be inviting. Currently trending are tables running off of the kitchen island. Because they are connected to the island, you don’t lose space by having the need of a separate table.  The benefit is a place to gather around at all times.

Open Spaces

In the past, kitchens were closed off from the rest of the home.  Nowkitchen spaces have become the heart of the home. Consider connecting your kitchen to other rooms like the family room or dining room.  Open floors plans in the kitchen provide for better flow and movement for daily living and special occasions.

For kitchen remodeling of any kind, feel free to call our Oakland County Design Showroom office at (248) 850-7178. Our kitchen design experts are always ready to help clients make their living spaces more usable, beautiful and social.