5 Ways New Kitchen Cabinets Add Value

5 Ways New Kitchen Cabinets Add Value

Kitchen cabinetry has the greatest impact on the tone of your kitchen; and most homeowners remodel their kitchens with the plan of living in their homes for years to come. However, updated kitchen cabinets are also an investment in the future of your home when it comes time to sell. When walking through your kitchen, a potential homebuyer is going to notice your kitchen cabinets. This is why we recommend calling our kitchen cabinet contractors for an update.

At Visionary Cabinetry and Design, our kitchen cabinet contractors understand how to add value when designing your kitchen.  Out of all your kitchen appliances and accessories, your cabinets will last the longest, which is why you want to trust your next remodeling project to our kitchen contractors who are known for providing high-quality cabinets.

Below are five ways that new kitchen cabinets can add value no matter when you plan to sell your home. Also, check out our blog post on what you should know before your next kitchen remodel.

Return On Investment

When trying to sell your home, the most important rooms to upkeep are the kitchen and bathroom. Since these are the rooms most routinely used in a home, they are of most interest to potential home buyers. When selecting your new kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that you might one day have to sell your house. For this reason, our traditional style cabinets are the most popular. Traditional kitchen cabinets are compatible with many different styles.

Aesthetic Appeal

It is usually best to match your kitchen’s decor with the design theme or era of your home. Continuing the interior design scheme of your home into your kitchen is a great way to achieve design continuity. Design continuity is what creates that natural flow throughout your home that makes your home more visually dynamic and cohesive. Your kitchen and bathrooms can make a large impact on a potential homebuyer. Check out our other blog post to learn our tips for buying new kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen cabinets offer invaluable storage options to the busy family or to the enthusiastic cook. We understand that your kitchen is responsible for housing a lot of items which includes dishes, pots, pans, food items, and other important kitchen goods. We offer many different styles that maximize the storage potential of your kitchen space.

Floor Space

Having kitchen cabinetry above your head allows for more floor space. Homeowners who don’t have adequate kitchen cabinet space in their kitchens suffer a disadvantage in terms of storage. Ultimately, kitchen cabinets are the superior choice, as opposed to shelving your items on small bookcases or letting them clutter your counter space. Kitchen cabinets not only hide clutter, but help you organize it so that you can always find what you need.

Personal Satisfaction

When your kitchen is outfitted with cabinets from Visionary Cabinetry and Design, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve received a high-quality product. With our cabinets, you don’t have to worry about where to fit the kitchen overflow. Our kitchen cabinets provide everything that you need at your fingertips. Our kitchen cabinet contractors will be more than happy to help you through every step of the design and installation process.

We do our best to meet our clients’ needs so that they can feel comfortable in their own homes. Part of that comfort comes from knowing that their home’s design is functional, fashionable and ready to add value when the time to sell comes.

If you feel that your kitchen would benefit from installing new cabinets, feel free to call our Oakland County kitchen cabinet contractors at (248) 850-7178. Our in-house kitchen cabinet contractors are always happy to help clients beautify their homes.