5 Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

5 Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel Oakland County, MI

Whether you plan on selling your home or staying put for years to come, a bathroom remodel is a great way to add value to your home.

However, before you start picking out tile patterns, check with a bathroom remodeling contractor to determine what will be feasible for your home.

Continue reading to learn our 5 tips for bathroom renovations.

1.) Consider Where Your Door Is, And Then Where Your Toilet Is

We’ve all forgotten to knock, and that sinking feeling of walking in on someone in the bathroom is one of the worst.

Do you know what makes that even worse? Making eye contact with the person you just walked in on. Not only will you embarrass yourself and them, but now they know exactly who it was that forgot to knock!

When remodeling a bathroom, consider your toilet placement in conjunction with where your door is. If your door opens up to a direct line of sight to your toilet, maybe it’s time you move the toilet to another part of the bathroom. Or, even better, put the toilet in its own section with a sliding door, so that the bathroom has an extra layer of privacy!

2.) Set a Time Frame

When does your bathroom makeover need to be completed by? Do you have a foreign exchange student moving in, an in-law, maybe you’re doing a big house party this year.

The due date on your new bathroom is important for a variety of reasons, such as stimulating motivation, keeping people on track, and reminding yourself to keep your head up!

If you’re under a time crunch, you may want to talk with a remodeling contractor near you about what is going to be feasible to complete within your time frame.

If you’re new at bathroom remodeling, we would advise against giving yourself only a few days to complete the remodel. Try to allocate¬†2-4 weeks¬†for the project!

3.) Look for Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration comes from looking at lots of different photos of what other homeowners have done with their bathrooms.

Whether it’s online or your friend’s house that has that incredible shower, be sure to make notes of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Pinterest can be a great place to store all your bathroom remodel ideas. Create a board with all your favorite inspiration to get a better idea of the style and aesthetic you want for your bathroom. This helps during the construction and design phase because it gives you a reference to look at when you get lost.

Before contacting a bathroom contractor, it’s helpful to have a specific vision in mind. Reference guides idea templates give contractors a way to better estimate the time and cost of a bathroom remodel.

4.) Make a Budget

Even small bathroom renovations need a budget. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for labor (if hiring a contractor), materials, permits, and surprise expenses.

We recommend setting aside extra money just in case your remodeling project has unforeseen complications. Things like broken pipes, cracked tiles, warped wood, unexpected mold, faulty wiring, and so much more can throw a serious curveball in your bathroom renovation plans. Having money set aside helps catch that curveball so you can stay on schedule.

For large bathroom renovation projects, we recommend creating a larger security net of funds.

If you don’t use the extra money you’ve set aside, you could spend it on decorations like towels or bath soaps, or put it back in your savings for your next home renovation project.

5.) Know When to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a bathroom contractor near you for the stuff you can’t do yourself will save you from countless headaches.

For example, painting your bathroom is something that can be done easily, but doing a shower remodel may be something you want to leave to the experts.

Use your best judgment and remember that a bathroom remodeling contractor will be able to do the job efficiently with professional results.

Bonus Tip: Consider Your Added Value!

If you are adding a new bathroom to your home simply to add value, you’ll want to create a full or three-quarter bath.

A full bath will obviously add more value to your home than a three-quarter bath simply because the bigger the bathroom, the better return on investment.

But doing any sort of bathroom remodel could increase your resale value by 20% because over 60% of homeowners consider things like the number of bathroom showers while home shopping, according to The Spruce.

If you don’t have enough space for a full or three-quarter bath, you can still add some value to your home through a half bath. Prospective home buyers with families often appreciate an extra bathroom and look for it while out home shopping.

If you plan on staying in your home, remember that a small bathroom remodel can still give you tons of benefits because it’ll be tailored specifically to your lifestyle.

Need A Bathroom Renovation Contractor Near You?

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