5 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

5 Tips for Designing Your Home Office Oakland County, MI

Your home office should balance the professional with the personal. Our advice? Make the best use of the space you have. Some people do this by turning their closets into home offices, others by building custom cabinets. Either way, your home office should reflect your personal style while helping you be more productive.

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Here are our 5 tips for designing your dream home office.

1. Transform Your Closet

We promise that working in a closet isn’t as oppressive as it sounds. Many people have already transformed unused closets into their own private workspaces. One of our custom closet builders can help you design a home office with a built-in desk and shelf space.

The best part about working in a closet is that you can close the doors when you’re finished working. Taking advantage of closet space also helps free up the space you would have otherwise used for your home office. If you don’t have to meet with clients, a home office closet may be the way to go.

2. Build Custom Cabinets

When you run your business from home, it can be hard trying to stay organized. To help declutter your workspace, we recommend hiring one of our remodeling contractors to build custom cabinets. Custom cabinets can be a great solution for office supplies so you can keep your desk clear for the really important stuff. Wall-mounted cabinets are also great because they don’t take up floor space like filing cabinets.

Also, don’t lower your guard just because you work from home. Sensitive information like credit card numbers should still be kept under lock and key. Read our blog post on the 4 ways to keep your home office secure.

3. Add Personal Touches

While working from home, you’ll be able to add more personal touches to your home office space than you might have been able to put in a cubicle. For example, some people like to put treasured souvenirs from vacations on their desks to help them think positively while working. Unlike working in a corporate office, you won’t have to worry about people swiping your stuff.

4. Show Off Your Green Thumb

Did you know that plants have been proven to increase productivity? If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. You still get the same benefits from a plastic plant that you would from a live one. A pop of unexpected color can also liven up your desk landscape so it’s not comprised of just documents and a glowing computer screen.

5. Light Up Your Work Space

In order to work productively, you’ll need to work in a space with proper lighting. This might mean putting a floor lamp near your work space or situating your desk by a spacious window. The idea is to make sure you have enough light to be able to see properly. There are also many different home designs for table lamps if you’d like to put a lamp on your desk.

Bonus Tip

Psst… Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog post on how to improve your home office. We also recommend using Pinterest to save your favorite ideas onto one board. Doing this can help you describe your vision to our designers when you meet with them.

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