New Trends for Kitchen & Bath

The trends you can expect to continue into the New Year for kitchen and bath design are the clean, simple lines of transitional and contemporary living spaces.

You will also find that industrial chic and mid-century modern is rising in popularity especially with the hipster crowd.


Countertops have always been a key part of kitchen and bath renovations. They can add a new aesthetic to the space as well as improved functionality. Some of the most popular options in modern design are quartz and porcelain countertops.

If you want to install your countertops and never worry about them again, quartz or porcelain is for you. Although it looks similar to other stone surfaces, like granite and marble, it doesn’t have the pores that these stones do and therefore won’t stain or absorb liquids. Natural stones have to be sealed every so often, but quartz is made with resin directly in it and never needs to be resealed.

Additionally, porcelain or quartz can take any beating an amateur chef or family can throw at it. It’s resistant to scratches, stains and anything else you’re likely to encounter in your kitchen or bath. This means that if you drop a bowl on the counter, it might break but you don’t have to worry about damage to the counter.

Quartz doesn’t just look great, it is easy to clean as well. Whether it’s a big spill or everyday dust, there’s no trick to cleaning this smooth surface. Simple soap and water usually does the trick.


Luxury Porcelain Tile has seen a dramatic increase in demand, and is now being used as a faux wood product for those specifiers who are worried about scratch and moisture resistance, which tends to be an area of concern for hardwood floors. It is available in sheets and planks in varying widths to resemble the look of cut wood.

With porcelain you can recreate the look of materials like limestone, slate, parquet and timber without their practical drawbacks. Pedestal legs help support an island countertop overhang. This solution also makes the island feel like a freestanding piece of furniture.

The ultimate in luxury, is the retractable TV screen that can be raised when you want to watch the news or your favorite cooking show and lowered when it’s time for entertaining. Instead of taking up valuable space for an appliance that gets minimal use, many clients are opting for positioning their microwave under the countertop.

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